(NCCER ContrenĀ® Learning Series Course)

NWCOC’s HVAC program is a series of training modules divided into four levels. Curriculum is modular in format, competency-based and includes written and performance evaluations. Students who seek the full range of HVAC skills will gain instruction in equipment replacement, heating equipment adjustment and repair, air conditioning repair and replacement, building control systems, testing and balancing of water air distribution, hot water, chilled water condenser water system replacement load calculation and system designs. Students who complete the four levels of this curriculum and obtain 4 years of on-the-job experience will qualify as a journey-level HVAC worker anywhere in the nation. The HVAC program is also available as an Apprentice program. Some course modules may be required and others may be offered as electives. Learn more about NWCOC’sApprentice HVAC program .

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