Commercial Estimating

Commercial Estimating

Estimating is a vital part of your business and growth.  Poor estimating practices, such as inaccurate quantity take-offs and unit pricing or deficient spreadsheet management could be the difference between making a profit or taking a loss.  With our Basic and Advanced Commercila Estimating courses, we take the guess work of estimating by building a solid foundation of knowledge. The class uses real world conditions and is taught by a seasoned Senior Estimator. 


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Date: Mon, Thr 4/2/18-5/10/18 5:30 PM-8:30 PM
Location: NWCOC
Member: Tuition: $452.00 Lab Fee: $53.00 Books: $15.00 Registration: $30.00 Total: $550.00
Non-Member: Tuition: $452.00 Lab Fee: $76.00 Books: $21.00 Registration: $30.00 Total: $579.00


This course builds a foundation of knowledge that the student will use while estimating virtually any construction assembly or project type. The estimating course is designed to teach the “art” of estimating commercial construction projects using MS Excel. Students will become proficient and productive estimators by focusing on proven estimating techniques and concepts that emphasize takeoff detail and accuracy.
Topics Include:

  • Quantity take off techniques

  • Calculate labor and equipment, material quantities, unit costs and man-hour production rates

  • Complete accurate estimate take off and summary sheets

  • How to organize estimate spreadsheets

  • Understand the types of estimates

  • Research and price alternate materials

  • Pricing techniques

  • Adjusting the estimate for a variety of variable factors

  • Profit and overhead markups

  • Understand basic bid requirements


Date: Mon, Thur 5/21/18-6/13/18, 5:30 PM-8:30 PM and Fri 6/15/18, 5:30 PM-8:30 PM No class Mon, 5/28/18
Location: NWCOC
Member: Tuition: $342.00 Lab Fee: $53.00 Books: $15.00 Registration: $30.00 Total: $440.00
Non-Member: Tuition: $342.00 Lab Fee: $76.00 Books: $21.00 Registration: $30.00 Total: $469.00


This course is designed to assist students, who have basic estimating skills, to understand of all phases of the estimating process, from identifying bidding opportunities to transferring a successful bid to the project management team.  The class explores in detail several significant areas of importance, such as, a company’s estimating capabilities, identifying bid opportunities, evaluating potential project success, and recognizing hidden costs in bid documents. In addition, students participate in a mock bid to demonstrate actual bid day procedures and conditions learned during the coursework. 

This course builds on the Basic Commercial Estimating class and covers several key advanced processes and strategies including:

  • Project selection for success

  • Understanding different prime contracts

  • Bid team selection and set-up procedures

  • Analyzing bid requirements and criteria

  • Document interpretation and analysis

  • Take-off assembly and formatting

  • Strategy and criteria for subcontractors and supplier selection

  • Bid day procedures and requirements

  • Bid day analysis process

  • Post bid procedures and project buyout

  • Post bid analysis for future bid success

  • Post project estimate analysis for future project success

  • Establishing and maintaining estimating databases