NWCOC logo   YOU MAY CANCEL THE CONTRACT BY PROVIDING WRITTEN NOTICE OF SUCH CANCELLATION TO THE SCHOOL AT ITS ADDRESS SHOWN ON THE CONTRACT, WHICH NOTICE SHALL BE POSTMARKED NOT LATER THAN MIDNIGHT OF THE FIFTH DAY (EXCLUDING SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS) FOLLOWING YOUR SIGNING THIS CONTRACT OR THE WRITTEN NOTICE MAY BE PERSONALLY OR OTHERWISE DELIVERED TO THE SCHOOL WITHIN THAT TIME. IN EVENT OF DISPUTE OVER TIMELY NOTICE, THE BURDEN TO PROVE RESTS ON THE SENDER. REFUND BEFORE ENTERING CLASSES: (1) You will receive a full refund of all money paid if you are not accepted by the school. (2) You will receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid if you withdraw not later than midnight of the fifth day (excluding Sundays and holidays) after signing the contract or making an initial payment, provided you have not commenced training. (3) After five business days (excluding Sundays and holidays) of the date of registration and prior to the commencement of classes, the school may retain only the published registration fee as per OAR 581-045-0026(1) (b). REFUND AFTER ENTERING CLASSES: Unless the school has discontinued the program of instruction, the student is financially obligated to the school according to the following formulas or maximum charges: The student shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of the tuition charged and paid for such instructional program, less registration fees, lab fees, and any other legitimate charges owed by the student. (The term “Pro rata refund” means a refund of tuition paid for that portion of the program beyond the last recorded date of attendance. The date for determining that portion shall be the published class schedule and the last recorded date of attendance by the student.) CALCULATING CHARGES: The portion of the enrollment period for which the student will be charged is determined by dividing the total clock hours into the number of clock hours accrued according to the published class schedule as of the last recorded day of attendance by the student If the school discontinues instruction in any program after students enter training, including circumstances where the school changes its location, students must be notified in writing of such events and are entitled to a pro-rata refund of all tuition and fees paid unless comparable training is arranged for by the school and agreed upon, in writing, by the student. Students entitled to refunds must apply in writing to the school within 90 calendar days of the discontinuance or relocation and any earned refund must be disbursed by the school within 30 calendar days after receipt of a request. THERE WILL BE NO REFUND ON TEXTBOOKS. NON-O.D.E. REGISTERED CLASSES/SEMINARS: Students registered in classes/seminars that are not registered with the Department of Education must give 48 hours notice of cancellation prior to the start of the class or will be subjected to a $65 cancellation fee. OFFICIAL TERMINATION DATE: The official date of termination of a student shall be the last date of recorded attendance when withdrawal occurs in any of the following manners: (1) When the school receives notice of the student’s intention to discontinue the training. (2) When the student is terminated for a violation of a published school policy which provides for termination (See “Termination By The School”). (3) When a student, without notice to the institution, fails to attend classes for 6 calendar days. TERMINATION BY THE SCHOOL: Admission to NWCOC assumes the student will conduct him or herself as a responsible member of the college community. Any student in violation of the following may be subject to immediate termination: Violation of NWCOC Facility Policies and Safety Regulations Failure to maintain satisfactory progress Possession of firearms, explosives, incendiary devises or facsimiles thereof Engages in disruptive behavior Engages in vulgar and obscene behavior and language, including sexual harassment Under the influence or in the possession of, alcohol or drugs in accordance with ORS 475, 167.203 and 167.252. Vandalism of College property Theft of College property Insubordinate behavior to act in accordance with a college official’s lawful requests Violation of State and Federal Laws while on campus or Training Sites. Violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Termination due to Lack of Academic Progress. CANCELLATION OF CLASSES: The school reserves the right to cancel a class if the number of students enrolled is deemed insufficient. Such cancellation will be considered a rejection by the school and the student is entitled to a full refund of all money paid. Students will be made aware of classes concurrently offered to the same class and given the opportunity to join the class if space is available. CHANGES IN AGREEMENT: Any changes in this agreement shall not be shall not be binding on either the student or the school unless such changes have been approved in writing by the by the chief administrator or an authorized representative of the school and by the student or the student or the student’s parent or guardian if he/she is a minor. UNFAIR PRACTICES: It is unfair business practice for the school to sell, discount or otherwise transfer this contract without the signed written consent of the student or his/her financial sponsors and a written statement notifying notifying all parties that the cancellation and refund policy continues to apply.  

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