Job Description

Bricklayers construct walls, fireplaces, chimneys, industrial furnaces, kilns and other structures using brick, cement, cinder blocks, stone and marble. They construct and remodel houses, commercial buildings, bridges, churches, and factories.

Working Conditions

Bricklayers usually work outdoors in all types of weather. There is considerable bending and heavy lifting for most masonry work. At times masonry workers must work at heights. Concrete blocks are used more than bricks, often weighing 30 pounds or more, which must be lifted with one hand.

Minimum Qualifications

Apprenticeship applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Length of Apprenticeship

Classroom Hours: A minimum of 144 hours per year for 3 years On-the-Job Training: 6,000 hours (approx. 3 years)
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