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NWCOC offers the EPA 608 TYPE I, II, III and Universal Certification Exams as required by the EPA for all refrigerant technicians handling or purchasing refrigerants.  The cost of the proctored exam includes a self-study guide to assist students during their exam preparation.

Test Information:  A universal exam containing Core and all certification Types will be offered closed-book. Supplemental material and calculators are not allowed during the test.  Attendees have a maximum of three hours to complete the exam.  The Certification Types as specified by section 608 of the Clean Air Act are as follows:

  • Core Must be taken in addition to the specific levels listed below – 25 Questions
  • Type I Small Appliances with 5 pounds of less Refrigerant – 25 Questions
  • Type II High Pressure and Very High Pressure Appliances – 25 Questions
  • Type III Low Pressure Appliances. – 25 Questions

The passing grade is 72% for each section.

Enrollment and payment:  Students must be registered for the exam at least three days before the test.  All attendees are encouraged enroll and pick up their study package two weeks or more before the test.  

NWCOC Test Preparation Class:  A CFC test preparation class (approximately 2hours) at NWCOC will be offered before the test.  Cost of the test preparation class is not included in the CFC proctored test price.