Northwest College of Construction was one of the best finds in my whole life! I confidently would recommend it to all my friends and relatives. This college is the perfect place to get quality construction training at any level. Every staff member is very welcoming, professional and understanding.

When I turned in my application for admission I wasn’t sure of how this school was, but after the first week of training I knew that I had found a solid pathway to a very lucrative and secure future.

THANK YOU to everybody for being great people. Without each one of you I wouldn’t have discovered the perfect way to become a great construction worker.

-Jorge A. Zaragoza 

I feel the training and knowledge given to me by NWCOC will launch me to a successful future in the construction industry. I am grateful for the friends and future colleges I have had the pleasure of interacting with here.

-Angel Tapia

This program has taught me some things like how to build foundations and how to read blueprints. At first I thought I would not be able to make it through the class but all of the instructors always encouraged me to keep moving forward.

-Charles Damewood

Amazing experience met with a lot of friendly, great people. teachers were all extremely helpful and patient. I learned a lot and became more familiar with things I will use everyday throughout my career.

-Ray Grundy

NWCOC was a knowledgeable experience that helped me hsharpen my skills to further my career in the construction industry. I would recommed to friends or anybody looking to expand their knowledge of construction.

-Timken Capps

I had a good experience at NWCOC. I am forever grateful to Northwest College of Construction for providing the opportunity for me to pursue my goal of becoming a Heavy Equipment Operator. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your school.

-Michael Schmidt

As nervous as I was, I didn’t or wasn’t affected by my anxiety on not knowing math. The class and teacher (Montie!) was so encouraging and calm in always reassuring us “we’ll do fine!”. That alone made me work harder in all areas. I didn’t want to prove him wrong!

Thank you so much NWCOC for your confidence in me. I look forward to my future opportunities as a laborer and to prove my negative self WRONG!

-Kelly Brady


“I could not be more excited about this!! NWCOC is a wonderful partner and I look forward to developing our partnership even more in the future. This is SO good for our kids! Thank you.” -Dr. Karen Gray , Superintendent, Parkrose  


NWCOC has been wonderful in the help of my development. This has truly been a challenging but rewarding experience and opportunity. Thank you for all you have done for myself and the Lane County Carpenter classes.” -Joe  


“Diamond Concrete would like to take a moment to tell you that we have had great success with the NWCOC Program:

Our very first experience was almost two years ago when we hired our very first laborer from the NWCOC. We originally hired him to fill a cities WFT requirement. As that job ended our supervisor and crew liked the college student so much that they really wanted him to stay on the crew. We hired another student from the NWCOC. He worked out very well at the time and was brought on for full time employment. Since our enrollment with the college, we have been pleased with the way the NWCOC runs their operations. Our employees feel rewarded by teaching the students skills they know. We are excited to see what projects we will be able to put students on in the upcoming year.” -Marnie Omalley 


“I have truly appreciated the wide variety and high quality of information available at NWCOC. I particularly found the classes professionally presented, very informative while interesting. I find great value in continuing or renewing topics of education that contribute to our careers and have truly appreciated the wide variety and high quality of information available at this facility. The instructors and the staff members as well project an awareness of the importance of being an influential part of our future. I have and shall continue to recommend the Northwest College of Construction as an outstanding source as such information. Again, thank you!” -Jimmy

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