• 1) Recruitment – Activities to produce applications for open periods while attracting candidates from targeted groups
    • a) Develop/Strengthen Relationships: WorkSource, Opportunities Kitchen
    • b) Advertising: Facebook, Indeed, Craigslist, Homepage Pop-Ups, & OOT Advertising
    • c) Marketing Promotions: National Apprenticeship Week, & Kenton Women Village
    • d) Tour/Hands-on: Opportunity Kitchen
    • e) Distribute Open Announcements: Community Colleges, libraries, & training agents
    • f) Update marketing materials
    • g) Long Term Goal: Develop Partnership to become an anchor school for a local high school
    • h) Other 
  • 2) Outreach – Identify sponsors to collaborate with to support women and minorities. Activities that inform people of influence and potential applicants of openings.
    • a) Promote programs using TV, social media, Instagram, Facebook, run featured ads, 10 posts per month & track target population engagement
    • b) Distribute Open Announcements to community based organizations, schools, training agents, pre-apprenticeships, employment office, DHS, Veterans & at general info session
    • c) Career Fairs: NWUCA, Eugene CUCD.
    • d)School to Work/Tours, Site Visits & Presentations: minimum of 6 High Schools plus: Warm Spring Training, Merlot Station, Pacific Academy, Pendleton, Cascadia Tech, Reynolds, Opportunities Kitchen, Building Future Magazine,
    • e) Pre-Apprenticeship Activities: POIC Partnership, OTI Career Fair, Use Exception 5, Tours and Presentations
    • f) Attend local meetings: CEIC and AGC Workforce Coalition
    • g) Develop Relationships: Women’s Sport Teams, Women’s Career Centers, Veteran Networking, Use TA’s for AAWP efforts
    • h) Other
  • 3) Retention – Practices to retain target populations, efforts to support current apprentices to remain in program, Committee retention policies aimed to address needs in order to enhance job satisfaction and reduce substantial costs involved in hiring/training new apprentices.
    • a) Financial: Retention Funds, Referral Stipend, Akana
    • b) Training: Suicide Awareness, Suicide Prevention, TA Seminars, Anti-Harassment, Instructor Training
    • c) Shepherding: Coordinator / Apprentice Relationships,
    • d) Committee: Developing policies to assist with retention such as good faith rerates, distribution of anti-harassment policy, Committee Apprentice Reps
    • e) Other: Develop releases and reporting processes for partner referral to be able to reach out directly with retention issues, create an open-shop networking group
    • f) Other
  • 4) Actions relating to construction’s public image
  • 5) Affirmative actions to increase women and minority participation
  • 6) Milestones achieved by any of our programs


A.  MA#1065 O/C Masons

B.  MA#1074 O/C Carps

C.  MA#1175 O/C Operators

D.  MA#2023 O/C Laborers

E.  MA#3002 Sign Hangers

F.  MA#3038 L/D Carps

G.  MA#1282 O/C Roofers


  Brand Awareness

  Gain New Apprentices/Applicants


  TA / Partner / Apprentice Utilization

  Youth / Target Demographics

  Meeting to Promote Industry


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