1. Recruitment – Advertising and Announcing the Program

  • 1a) Advertisement of program openings
  • 1b) Recruitment events and activities
  • 1c) Activities related to construction’s public image
  • 1d) Other recruitment activities


2. Outreach – Efforts to Promote the Program to Target Populations

  • 2a) Distribution of information to targeted populations
  • 2b) School boards and vocational educational systems
  • 2c) Community organizations and pre-apprenticeship programs
  • 2d) Other outreach activities


3. Retention –  Activities designed to retain apprentices in the program

  • 3a) Activities coordinated by training agents
  • 3b) Activities coordinated by committee, instructors and program staff
  • 3c) Other retention activities
  • 3d) Activities specifically designed to retain target populations


A.  MA#1065 O/C Masons

B.  MA#1074 O/C Carps

C.  MA#1100 Protective Signaling

D.  MA#1175 O/C Operators

E.  MA#1282 O/C Roofers

F.  MA#2023 O/C Laborers

G.  MA#3002 Sign Hangers

H.  MA#3038 L/D Carps

I.   NWCOC Construction Fundamentals Pre-Apprenticeship

J.  All Programs or No Specific Program


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