Receive a Free Education

The construction industry pays for all books and tuition. You are so important to the future of this industry that participating contractors pay into a training fund that enables full scholarships to most students that attend NW College of Construction (exceptions apply in the HVAC and Sheet Metal programs). Besides free tuition, the college will make sure that you receive a paycheck as well. That’s right, the college will get you a job in construction before you ever step foot in a classroom. It’s called apprenticeship — the original four-year degree. The apprenticeship programs at NW College of Construction combine paid on-the-job training with classroom instruction. If this sounds too good to be true, make no mistake; the rewards are great, but the work is hard. Apprentices receive a paycheck, hands-on career training in the craft of their choice, a free education, and upon completion, apprentices receive nationally recognized industry certification as a master craftsperson (Journeyman). NW College of Construction provides its students with a practical foundation from which to launch their career or even start their own construction business. Click on the construction craft of your choice to learn more about apprenticeship at NW College of Construction.

Why Choose the Northwest College of Construction?

The college is dedicated to helping students and lifelong learners build strong, successful careers. We are the only college able to provide students support throughout their entire career, with capabilities spanning apprenticeships through to business leadership. If you are looking to build a lifelong, rewarding career in the construction industry, NWCOC is the natural choice. See how we compare to more traditional educational pathways such as vocational school or technical college.

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